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In this world of synthetic, man-made products there remain a few unique natural compounds which defy duplication. One of these is carnauba wax, a derivative of the leaves of the Carnauba Palm, which grows in the harsh mountains of northern Brazil.

The American Wax Importers and Refiners Association grade raw carnauba wax according to the level of impurities found in it. The finest and most costly grade is Number One Yellow. Harly Wax is guaranteed to be made from the highest grade of hand selected Number One Yellow Carnauba Wax. Harly Wax is a pure wax and contains no cleaners, powders or abrasives. This is in contrast to the large majority of other waxes available. Why clean and remove some paint every time you wax???

Harly Wax wipes on and off easily. It leaves the most durable, protective coat possible. Excellent for all new and used car finishes.

Available in 14 oz. cans.

Note: If finish is oxidized, use a suitable prewax cleaner.

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